Prawn & vegetable Ramen: A meal of a soup

October has arrived and despite our brief Indian Summer the temperatures are slowly dropping. I’m keen to move my away from our Summer fodder and start moving towards something more on the ‘hearty’ side but I need to gently coax the children to join me on a healthy comfort eating odyssey. If we go straight to stews I’ll lose them so I need a go-between that will spike their curiosity & get them excited about our new Autumn dishes.

So, my first solution to this problem is Ramen. The younger two aren’t very adventurous so the reality of eating soggy noodles needs to be presented  carefully.  For them, I hold back on the miso soup when I’m serving but for the rest of us it really is a steamy, delicious bowl of heaven. It’s more than a soup and substantial enough for an evening meal but the greatest thing about this dish is that it is very quick to prepare and is extremely nutritious.

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